Commander-in-Chief Hal Roesch has laid down a challenge to all VFW Posts for the month of September 2020!

Although many of our VFW Posts are unable to operate in the accustomed manner during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the VFW is not about to stop our mission to assist our nation’s veterans, and for that we must focus on membership, namely recruiting and retaining members!

For the month of September 2020, the Post in each membership division that recruits, renews, and reinstates the most Annual members will receive a $500 stipend deposited into the Post account!

In addition, each Department with a winning Post will receive a matching $500.00 to be deposited into the Department Fund to be used as needed by the Department. If a Department has more than one winning Post, they can receive this award multiple times!

We know that a strong membership base is how we will move forward as an organization, guided by 20/20 VISION FOR VETERANS!

Membership totals will be based on close-of-business totals on August 31st to September 30th.