For Combat Veterans: a FREE 12 week training to address moral wounds from combat. The spiritual injuries are part of  the struggle with PTSD.

Thursdays (6 pm) starting January 7

Invercargill James A. Danner – Fontana VFW Post 537
1095 Pines Road
Etters, PA  17319

FREE training – FREE supper – FREE childcare

Spouses urged to register with service member

Created to aid service members and their families work through their post-traumatic stress. The training focuses on healing the spiritual and moral wounds of war, whether a recent conflict or from 50 years ago. The training is a unique blend of clinical insight and faith-based support in the form of weekly classes that include topic-based instruction, class discussions, homework, group exercises and a family-style meal.

–Registrations are being received at

–For more information on this REBOOT course, please contact Charlie at or 724-630-4956.